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Picking the Winner

Both Scrappy and I congratulate Nilsa as the winner of Guess the Breed.  No one was able to pick any of the breeds that make up Scrappy.  Since there was no clear winner, the winner was chosen randomly per the contest rules.  There were eleven entries for this contest, so I used an app on my phone to give me a number between 1 and 11, which was 7 and Nilsa was the 7th entry.

RNG guess the breed

Thanks to everyone who made a guess.

Scrappy’s mix of breeds are what???

Originally I was going to announce the contest before I sent the test kit to the company.  The contest photo I used was when the swab was first placed in his mouth. As soon as we started to rub the swab, poor Scrappy was not happy and screaming and squirming.  I fully expected there was no DNA on the swab and held off on the contest until I received the results.

So off went the kit and I assumed I’d learn there really was no DNA for the test.  Well, after a few weeks I received the results.  Much to my surprise, the breed makeup was nothing I expected.  The Wisdom Panel DNA test received good reviews on Amazon, but is that really what makes up Scrappy?

My own guess was Parsons Terrier for his coloring, Border Terrier for his face and ears and hair and then wired haired mini dachshund for shortness and hair.

Results of the test: Bichon Frise, Miniature Pinscher and Tibetan Spaniel mix.  Miniature Pinscher??????? I can see some of the Tibetan Spaniel.


DNA Results for Scrappy 1DNA Results for Scrappy 2

In these results there is also a mixed breed and I think the mix of breeds had more influence.  While I wanted to know what Scrappy’s mix was, I’m disappointed that he’s not what I wanted him to be.  He’s still a bundle of cuteness and we are so happy he is a part of our family.

Now that you know the results, what do you see? Add your thoughts below.

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