My senior dog’s pet photography session

Life with our aging pets can be stressful and expensive.  We love them so much and they have been a part of our lives for so long.

August 2013 we learned that my dappled dachshund, Snausage, had developed Lymphoma and we started treatment at SAGE in Campbell, CA.  She did super with no ill effects from her treatment. After 2 months of treatment she was in remission.

Last year, while she was in remission from her Lymphoma, I took her out to Vasona park for a photo session while she was still doing well, with energy and strength in her legs.  This photo of Snausage is hanging on the wall in the lobby at SAGE with some other fun photos of dogs and cats I have photographed.

MrHoni Photography dapple dachshund running in grass

I had a large canvas made to hang in our living room of one of my favorites of Snausage standing on these colorful boulders,

MrHoni Photography dapple dachshund standing on boulder

After 7 months in remission, Lymphoma returned in late July 2014.  Almost a year had passed since she was first diagnosed.  This time her treatments were not taking and she was showing signs of liver and kidney disease.  Her appetite was waning and we started giving her some Prednisone.  Well, the Prednisone did wonders to her appetite.  For that little body, I give her a heaping bowl of green beans, pumpkin and a low protein food.  When she finishes, he eyes are wide and alert looking for me to give her more.  Often she gets another full meal for lunch and you can just hear the minds of other dog’s – “What about me?”.

She started a habit of yelling for her food.  When she barks, her front feet would jump off the floor.

Recently she was barking for her food, but laying in her bed.  I wondered if she had no strength to get up.  I went over to see if she was ok and up she popped.  Popped is too strong a word as she is so slow and fragile.

Snausage will be 17 in June.  Her life is very simple; sleep, eat, pee, & poo.  Slowly she has lost a lot of weight and much of the weight loss is also muscle loss so its harder for her to move around.  She usually gets herself outside to pee and poo but there are times when she can’t get out fast enough and just goes on the floor.  We’ve put potty pads near the dog door and sometimes she does hit those; good dog Snausage.

She used to love to be sitting in my lap on the couch, but a few years ago when we got Teddie, he took over that spot.  He’s a little mean at times and so Snausage resigned herself to one of the many beds in the family room.  Sometimes I bring her up on the couch with me, but her eyes bug out as she’s worried about Teddie yelling at her, so she insists on going back to her bed. I miss that cuddle connection with her.

So time ticks on and her Lymphoma is in check but she recently developed high blood pressure and edema, where her back legs and feet were swelling up. Ultrasound found some fluid around her heart and in her chest.

It was decided, with her age 16+ and her other issues, that opening the sac around her heart to drain the fluids was not recommended. It was decided to stop her daily injections of subcutaneous fluids for several days and check her out.

At her checkup, her edema was reduced and stopping the fluids did not mess up her kidney and her blood pressure is doing well. Her edema is gone and now she is back to skin and bones.  Feeding her all that food is not putting on any weight.

Soon she’ll have more blood tests and check her blood pressure to see if it is stable. Yay Snausage! I really felt sad sticking a thick needle in her every day.

This is my Snausage out in the flowers for a short photo session.  Because of her problems compounding, I didn’t want to wait until it was too late.

MHoni Photography Dachshund sitting in flowers


Here is a before and after example of one of the photos of Snausage running in the park and how Photoshop gives me the finished result.  My sister-in-law was helping me and sometimes Snausage didn’t stay as far away as I wanted and would run to where she wanted to run.  There were many cute photos of her flopping ears.

LH6C6521-2 copy           LH6C6521 copy


Our pets lives are much too short, but having their photos hanging on the walls at home or at work brings smiles to our faces while they are still with us and long after they have passed. Have you been thinking of having a professional photo session of your senior dog(s) or cat(s)?  Click the Book Now paw to get started.



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