Pet photography is a breeze with a trained dog

I create both portraits and action shots. Most dogs I’ve photographed for my pet photography business don’t like to stay in place, so either my assistant or the dogs’ mom/dad can be successful helpers.  I like to use a show lead as it is thin and easy to edit out from the photos as long as the lead is positioned properly.  As I tell everyone, patience is key.  Just a few seconds is needed to capture your precious in a portrait.  If the dog moves, no problem, we move back to position and go again.

Pet photography is a learned skill and a trained dog makes the photo session so much easier to get the shots.

Scrappy is our first dog that I’m doing serious training with. I took him out to a park last week with no helper and was not successful because while he would sit in place, as I backed away with the camera he would come walking towards me before I was ready.

During the week I worked more with him for “stay” and walking backwards and getting into a sit or kneel like I would do for taking photos. Today, I took some of his dinner kibble and we went outside for a short test of his staying power. Ta Da, he stayed in place. I moved him to a different position, asked him to stay and yippee, he stayed again.

MrHoni PhotographyNow this was controlled in my backyard with no distractions, but I want to try again going to the mustard flower field. With a drought, the flowers are not there very long.  A dog park is right next to the spot, but fingers crossed.

Thinking about pet photography for your dog or cat.  Not trained, don’t worry.  Click Book Now to get started.


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