Tucker’s Pet Photography photo session

Each year the Humane Society of Silicon Valley puts on a very special fund raising event, the Fur Ball.  This year was the first year I photographed at the Fur Ball and you can read and see some of my favorite images at this blog entry.

For the Fur Ball, I donated a photo session and 16×20 canvas.

Tucker is an English Black Labrador and his people parents were the winning bidders for my auction item.  We met for Tucker’s photo session at Sanborn Park in the Saratoga hills.  Its a large park with camping, picnicking areas and hiking trails through the redwoods.  Its 9 minutes from Highway 9 and Saratoga Ave, so its a nice spot to be out in the forest not too far out from town.

I put as much energy and time into Tucker’s photo session, pre and post as I would for any client.  They received the full MrHoni Photography custom experience.

Besides photographing the handsome Tucker, I was left with a story to tell for years to come.  After photographing Tucker at a few spots in the areas near the parking lot, we began our trek towards a couple locations on the hiking trails.

We barely started, when I stepped slightly off the path, lost my balance and took a tumble.  I play basketball several times a week and learned drop and roll there and was able to apply that technique to this situation.  I landed on my camera and it sustained some damage and we (the camera and I) were dirty and dusty.  We all took a break to clean things up and taking a few quick snaps showed the camera was still functioning with no problems.  Later, off it went to Canon servicing for some repair and cleaning.  How fun!

MrHoni Photography English Black Labrador

MrHoni Photography English Black Labrador

MrHoni Photography English Black Labrador

MrHoni Photography English Black Labrador

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