Tis’ the season for holiday pet photos

For the past several years I have setup at pet businesses for holiday photos.  First two years I did an all white setup.  Crisp and clean.

Here are a couple favorites.

SAGE2015-6 copy ZoomRoom2014-50 copy SAGE2015-8 copy ZoomRoom2014-188 copy


This year I decided to try something different and of course got more props since I have some repeat clients and we need something different from previous years.

I had my model, Hana, and her mom come to help me work out the new setup a couple months ago.

Cute dog with mistletoe

New this year were two Guinea Pigs and two rats, Rain and Steve.  These little guys were pretty easy to photography.  Put them in or on something and they stay pretty well in place.  The difficult part, which is usually easy for dogs, was to get them to look in the direction of the camera.  The little couch was on loan from Joanne, who is a wonderful woman who owns Okashi Barkery in Campbell.


HONI3253 copy HONI3229 copy HONI3173 copy HONI3151 copy HONI3278 copy HONI3667 copy HONI3645 copy HONI3593 copy HONI3571 copy HONI3559 copy HONI3466 copy HONI3420 copy HONI3396 copy HONI3380 copy HONI3371 copy HONI3367 copy HONI3351 copy HONI3331 copy HONI3310 copy



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