Cat’s photo session at their home

Recently I visited the home of Mango and Kazuki.  Mango had 2 of 3 indicators of a type of cancer in his mouth and was given a possible 3 months, however after 2+ months he’s doing great.  No signs of anything wrong so its either progressing slowly or there is no cancer.

Because of this possibility, Mango’s dad wanted to make sure to have some professional photos taken of Mango while he was still healthy.  An excellent decision!

While the photo session was specifically for Mango, Kazuki lives with Mango and Kazuki will also have his images displayed in the home to be cherished forever.

We started with a bedspread hung over the couch for some studio type photos.  They had this interestingly shaped scratcher lounge from Miglio Designs.Carrico2016-15 copy

Watch the feather Mango. Can you get it?

Carrico2016-11E2 copy

With each client I have a pre-session visit to discuss the photo session and bring sample products.  Since this was going to be a session inside the home, I spent plenty of time thinking of ideas.  This next image of Mango turned out just as I planned.  He was held up so that the colored metal artwork  hanging on the wall would be in the background and I set the camera to blur the background.

Carrico2016-55 copy

Cards was the theme for the next three images.

Valentines cards printed on Pearl Metallic paper with red satin envelopes.

Carrico2016-24 copy

Kazuki was “coaxed” into wearing the witch’s hat for the theme for the Halloween cards.  These cards were printed on Art Watercolor paper with natural Kraft colored envelopes.

Carrico2016-53 copy

Back to Mango for the Christmas cards.  I bought the trunk at Hobby Lobby and had used it for last years Christmas photo sessions at Andy’s Pet Shop and Reed Animal Hospital Saratoga.  I really liked how it photographed.  Good for the little ones to sit in.

Carrico2016-48 copy

Most of the time while Mango was being photographed, Kazuki was hanging out in the top floor of the cat tree.

Carrico2016-31 copy

Before we proceeded to move the photo session outside, we took a break and so did Mango as he relaxed in the cat tree.

Carrico2016-42 copy

Outside on the patio late afternoon on a very comfy winter day.

Carrico2016-63 copy

Milo was a calm cool kitty throughout the session. Here’s he is just chillin’ in his dad’s arms as we were finishing the last of the session.

Carrico2016-65 copy


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