K9 Cancer Walk 2016

This year was the third year I photographed the K9 Cancer Walk at Vasona to benefit the Morris Animal Foundation.  So many dogs develop and succumb to cancer.

Sad, but true, last year at the cancer walk, the oncologist from Sage who had treated my Snausage for Lymphoma was asking how she was doing.  Snausage had completed treatment and went into remission, but eventually it returned.  Over time she developed other problems and wasn’t doing very well.  The next day Snausage passed away. 🙁

Here are photos from a photo session I did of her while she was in remission.  She had a lot of energy and was 15 years old at that time.

800 to 1000 people attended this year’s cancer walk and a new high of $135,000 was raised.  I want to photograph all the dogs, but there are just so many and with all the other dogs and people it is challenging to get the kind of photo I capture during a pet photography photo session.

Photos from the walk are displayed on my website, here, and I sell digital files and prints.  All the profit goes to the Morris Animal Foundation.  Last year I was giving free digital files and this year decided to sell the digital files for a super low price of $5 each hoping to raise a lot more money for MAF.  Sadly, only a few have been purchased.  There are plenty of doggie gems amongst all the photos.

I arrived early to photograph the environment and then dogs as they start arriving. German Shepherds and Golden Retrievers were the most common breeds there and my photos reflect that.

K9CancerWalk2016-15 copy

K9CancerWalk2016-6 copy

K9CancerWalk2016-18 copy

K9CancerWalk2016-20 copy

K9CancerWalk2016-31 copy

Pre arranged a setup with the German Shepherds of the Bay Area for the trained ones.  There were a few more “trained” dogs there but some decided to leave the hill.

K9CancerWalk2016-33 copy

K9CancerWalk2016-48 copy

K9CancerWalk2016-64 copy

The crowd listening to the speakers prior to the walk.

K9CancerWalk2016-104 copy

A pack of pugs.

K9CancerWalk2016-143 copy

K9CancerWalk2016-152 copy

K9CancerWalk2016-159 copy

K9CancerWalk2016-179 copy

K9CancerWalk2016-187 copy

K9CancerWalk2016-193 copy

K9CancerWalk2016-239 copy

K9CancerWalk2016-248 copy

K9CancerWalk2016-256 copy

K9CancerWalk2016-276 copy

K9CancerWalk2016-277 copy

K9CancerWalk2016-278 copy

K9CancerWalk2016-284 copy

K9CancerWalk2016-298 copy

This wiener dog looked a lot like my Snausage.

K9CancerWalk2016-303 copy

K9CancerWalk2016-308 copy

K9CancerWalk2016-317 copy

K9CancerWalk2016-323 copy

K9CancerWalk2016-325 copy

K9CancerWalk2016-328 copy

K9CancerWalk2016-349 copy

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