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After 39 years living in San Jose, I have moved back to Tucson where I spent my childhood through graduation from the University of Arizona.

Its crazy how many tasks there are to do after the move for your personal life, house setup and adding on getting my pet photography business setup in a new city.  I still have a ton of tasks to do.

I took the opportunity to make some changes to the color scheme of my website, a few enhancements and my marketing materials.  Out went all the old materials with my San Jose phone number and old colors.

The biggest challenge is finding new locations to photograph.  There are city parks (Reid), county parks (Agua Caliente), state parks (Catalina State Park), national parks (Saguaro National Park) and US Forest service (Mount Lemmon, Sabino Canyon).

In San Jose, I was able to purchase a yearly permit for all the county parks and that is where I did most of my photography.  Here, permits and fees are needed at some of my favorite locations AND many won’t allow dogs.

Locations for Sessions

Here are the current locations that can be considered when I meet with clients during their Pre-Session Consultation:

No permit required

  • University of Arizona (may need to pay for parking)
  • Reid Park
  • Degrazia Gallery in the Sun ($8 admission if photographing inside)
  • Saguaro National Park east ($10 entrance fee)
  • Catalina State Park ($7 entrance fee)
  • Oracle State Park ($7 entrance fee)
  • Picacho Peak ($7 entrance fee)
  • Silverbell Lake
  • Ft Lowell Park
  • The Views Golf Club in Oro Valley
  • Client’s property/home

No permit fee, permit required

  • Aqua Caliente park.  This is a great location for a variety of scenes and a favorite place that I’ve used over the years
  • Cienega Creek park near Vail

Permit Fee and permit/permission

  • Mount Lemmon/Summerhaven/Windy Point $50 day fee and $125 permit fee
  • Trail Dust Town $100/hour

No dogs allowed

  • Sabino Canyon
  • Sweetwater wetlands
  • Tanque Verde Ranch

I’m ready to photograph Tucson’s dogs and cats and other critters.  Click the paw to contact me so I can answer any questions or get you started toward your pet photography photo session.

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