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This is me with my Rat Terrier, Teddie.   Click here to read about and see a photo or two of all the dogs that have been the joys of my life.  No dogs were excluded since they have all been joys (most of the time!).

MrHoni (pronounced Mister Honey) is my nickname and came about after marrying my wife Diane, over 20 years ago.  When speaking to each other, we only use “Honey” and not each others names.  Surprised looks appear on our faces if we were to call each other by our first names.  Diane inherited the nickname of “MrsHoni” the same time I inherited my nickname.  This is what our friends lovingly call us.
From my portfolio, its clear that I have been focusing on pet photography and pets with their people.   When I look back at the thousands of photos I’ve taken of our family during the years, the dogs seem to be by far the highest percentage of photos, followed by our son, and then just a few of the wife and I.
Dogs are so much fun to photograph, which is why I decided to specialize in pet photography.  One of things I stress multiple times to clients is patience.  Dogs have more important things to think about than having their photo taken.  There are things to chase and to smell that are just so much more inviting.  Given the time we’ll spend for the photo session, we’ll leave with plenty of beautiful and endearing photos of your beloved.
What about the kitties?  They are also invited to tell their mom’s and dad’s that they also would like beautiful, large displays of themselves on the walls of their home.  They’ve told me they won’t object to their doggie roommates being displayed next to them.
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