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This is me with my Rat Terrier, Teddie.   Click here to read about and see a photo or two of all the dogs that have been the joys of my life.  No dogs were excluded since they have all been joys (most of the time!).

MrHoni (pronounced Mister Honey) is my nickname and came about after marrying my wife, over 25 years ago.  When speaking to each other, we only use “Honey” and not each others names.  Surprised looks appear on our faces if we were to call each other by our first names.  She inherited the nickname of “MrsHoni” the same time I inherited my nickname.  This is what our friends lovingly call us.

My background is in technology and being a tech gadget guy, when the first consumer digital cameras came to market, I loved the instant gratification they provided and thus began my interest in photography.  Many of my photos during the years have been of our dogs, which have varied from 2 to 6 furry kids.  I cherish the thousands of photos I have of them with their goofy, cute and funny personalities.

When I first started my photography business I was planning to photograph families, kids and individuals and of course pets.  I gravitated towards pet photography as I found it was very satisfying to provide great photography and beautiful products of the pets for their humans and many people found it so difficult to photograph their pets.  Most pets are not very good at taking direction and it takes patience to capture their personality.  Pet photographers have learned how to work with the uncooperative furry ones be they individual or in little packs.

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